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AWARE Magazine is a fashion lifestyle magazine providing the latest trends in Street Fashion that occur in New York City and around the world. Its mission is to expand the world of fashion, people, and the influence of celebrity culture. AWARE in Japanese means - the bittersweetness of a brief and fading moment of transcendent beauty, our transcendent beauties (a.k.a. trends) continue to evolve and appear, we are always excited when they begin and somewhat sad when we have to let them go. In this issue, we have your favorite combination of stylish celebrities and all those fashionable individuals in the city. As well as meaningful content to spark your future outfits. 


The magazine is divided into different sections from head to toe and the section openers are distinct because of the purple duotone. Today we live in a world of social media, social media guides us and transforms us. To take this idea further how the media influences us, one can see the use of Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram.

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