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In a world where we do not permit ourselves to breathe and are constantly surrounded by technology in the hustle and bustle of our chaotic lives, we simply forget to live in the moment. So how do we slow ourselves down from our busy stressful lives to give ourselves a pause? 


Pause is designed and created to provide people with different strategies to be fully present at the moment and slow down their busy lives. It focusses on giving people a break from their rigorous lives, even if it is for 2 minutes. Pause helps to declutter the mind and have a different and refreshed perspective and attitude to our busy lives and to reflect upon ourselves. Free-flowing shapes with bright positive colors are created as a system to evoke an emotion and a visceral feeling.


A part of the Pause project is a portable tiny booklet, easy for people to carry around with them so they can refer to it based on their convenience and mood. Additionally, it has a website that features a share page where people can share and submit their secret tactics, that helps them destress and relax, with everyone else to perform. In the other section of the website, one can choose to create their personalized book for customized tactics and strategies that they want to participate and perform. The aim is to create a shared experience using the book and the website.

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