Campaign, Branding and Identity, Art Direction


Everyone has their idea about dyslexia, we all know it exists. Often misunderstood, it can be taken lightly or on the contrary, seen as a serious delay. Dyslexia isn't just about reversing letters and is not caused by an intellectual disability.


An awareness campaign for dyslexia was initiated to improve people's perception of Dyslexia and to empower those who struggle with it. Thus changing the perspective from disabling to empowering, destigmatizing dyslexia.


DSYLEXI-YUP! has cartoon characters to make it more recognizable and friendly. The characters resemble superheroes, empowering the perspective of the condition, showing it as a positive trait. The campaign would be promoted and partnered at various places where kids and adults could see it in use. Also, collaborating with Kellogg's, celebrities, and amazon to take it further.

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